To Artists: 

As an artist who's booked her own shows nationally/internationally for over a decade, earned a bachelor’s in music industry, & worked with booking agents as well, I GET IT.
That’s why I offer fair booking rates (10%) (15% for setting up lineups at ticketed events) & opportunities outside your home town. I may be ATX based but you don’t have to live in ATX to book with me.  


To Venues: 

After booking/performing in various parts of the US (especially ATX) for so long, I’ve built up a wide network of talented entertainers in various genres. Whether you're looking for an open mic/karaoke host, a killer lineup for a ticketed concert, background, acoustic music at a bar/restaurant, or a special event band/dj, I am willing to make sure that whoever I hire fits your audience. Booking fees for venues vary and only apply if it is a reoccuring or special/private event. Booking a one time act at a venue is free for the venue. For charged services, I am willing to work within your budget on a case by case basis.  


Email for questions/consultation!

other services: 

  • $10 show flyers 
  • mentorship/ advisory 
  • professional photography/acoustic videography 


Important disclaimers for musicians: 


If I have to find a lineup of other artists or come up with the venue for a show, the rate increases to 15%

I will not find lineups for out of state ticketed shows - but I will find venues. The rate for finding venues will just be 15%

I cannot guarantee that a venue will book you. I can only try my best. But, I don't get paid unless you get a show. 


In order for me to book you, I will need: 

  • a bio/genre 
  • links to social media/music/website
  • names of other bands (if you already have a lineup planned)
  •  clarification as to if you're looking for solo / band / original / cover shows (It can be a combination. Just make sure you have seperate bios that match the type of show or one that encompasses them all clearly)  
  • list of any venues you'd like to play 
  • if you don't know what venues you'd like to play, that's okay! Just tell me and I will find them but commission will increase to 15% 


This information should be sent to