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16 featured artists on “Brandi LM Radio” SEMESTER FINALE!!


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 Interview with the band LIVE since their lead singer’s 2016 return. Also had the honor of interviewing their signed recording artist Zōe LaBelle. 

Made a little video to remember some of the guests Matt Bailey and I had on WVYC over the dialogue of our very last show. It’s actually a full hour long but Youtube would only let me post 8 minutes =,(

The band LIVE‘s first interview after reuniting with lead singer ED Kowalczyk. The interview focused on LIVE’s label’s signed recording artist Zōe LaBelle


Click here to hear an interview about my music, work with the community, position with YRK magazine, and my own radio show on “Building Bridges” with Dr. Erec Smith.

Interview with local artists Phaze and Jasper the Tourist