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Brandi L M Show Schedule

Thurs. Nov 5  Zenn West (Baltimore MD) 7:30pm (livestream)

Sat. Nov 14  Reid Menzer Skatepark  5:00 – 8:30pm

Sat. Nov 7   Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey 2 – 5pm

Fri. Nov 20  Valley Tavern  6 – 9pm

Sat. Nov 28  Flinchy’s 7 – 10pm

(Just A Few)  Past Shows:

Hart Bar (Brooklyn NYC)
Ottobar (Baltimore, MD)
Grape Room (Philly)     
11th Street Garden (NYC)
Launch Music Festival 2017 & 2018
Kipona Festival 2020 (Harrisburg Pa)
Gettysburg Rocks Festival
Chameleon Club    
Ethan Bortnick Show  (Baltimore MD)
 River City Blues Club  (Harrisburg)
Zenn West (Baltimore, MD)
Fishhead Cantina (Baltimore, MD)
HMAC (Harrisburg)
 Strawberry Square (Harrisburg)
The Kaleidoscope (Lancaster) 
Vegfest 2019
Rubicon (Harrisburg)
The Circle (Hanover)
Pennsylvania Pipeline Music TV
Reid Menzer Skatepark
Manchester MD Skatepark            
Fat Daddy’s
First Friday Lancaster
Primanti Bros. York, Harrisburg, Lancaster, Maryland
Newfangled (Harrisburg)
Brown’s Orchard     
College Radio Day      
Shady McGrady’s (Harrisburg)
 York Flea                
Knickers Pub           
Beanie’s (Mount Joy)
Sparta Inn (Baltimore)
Moo- Duck (Elizabethtown)
The Cantina (York)     
Annie Bailey’s    
Fratelli’s Towne Tavern
Union House Taproom and Livery
Hanover Markets VIP Lounge
The Waterfront   (Fell’s Point)
King George Speakeasy
Elephants for Autism Festival
Valley Tavern
Allegro Winery
Burd’s Nest (Carlisle, Pa)
Hook & Flask (Carlisle, Pa)
Tutoni’s York
Finley’s Tavern
Old Forge
CWM Birthday Bash